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Perils of the Bold

Dark Omen Dawning


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About the Creator

My real job is working as technical writer in the software industry. Before that I was a bookkeeper, warehouse manager, and furniture deliverer. Fortunately, technical writing provides me with the resources to work on these comics. I live in the Seattle area and am quite close to a park, which is lucky for shooting episodes of Weirdscape.

Before I achieved the Nirvana of employment with the inimitable Eric Hansen, May His Name Be Blessed For All Eternity, I was unable to stretch my imaginative and creative powers as a technical writer to their fullest potential. However, now that I am working as a technical writer in the Advertising division, led by the pinnacle of human evolution, Eric Hansen (May His Name Be Blessed For All Eternity), I have become all that I can possibly be. I will be forever grateful to Eric Hansen - May His Name Be Blessed For All Eternity – for the privilege of working for such a MENTAL GIANT who literally shines with unbridled brilliance, overflowing compassion, and seething divinity. Let us rejoice!

Unfortunately, I don't have the artistic talent to draw my own cartoons. But, luckily for me, the action figure industry has come a long way since I was a kid. When I got my first Stikfas action figure, I thought, hey, cool! I mulled the idea of a photo web comic. Then I saw Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick webcomic and I was inspired. Just a a few weeks later, I had the first three pages of Perils of the Bold ready to go.

I use Stikfas, Shockini, GI Joe, Xevoz, and other action figures, Sculpey III, MegaBlok and Playmobil accessories, HirstArts CastleMolds, moss, rocks, stones, sticks, dirt, floral products, flock, and whatever else I can get my hands on to make the characters, equipment, sets and decorations. I use a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H9 digital camera to take the pictures, Photoshop to crop the image files, and Visio to compose the pages and add the faces and speech balloons.

I'm hoping to use to keep my creative juices flowing, figure out how to use my new Sony camera, delve into the excessively robust monster that is Photoshop, motivate me to customize Shockini and Stikfas action figures, and learn more about scripting, plotting, humor, composition, and so on.

In October 2007 I pumped up the volume at I added two more photocomics, Dark Omen Dawning and Weirdscape. I also elevated Webcomic Entertainment! (a bonus comic seen behind the voting buttons) to the splash page. In 2008, I added Nerdi-chlorians. Each of my four comics now fill a different role:

Perils of the Bold - Humorous adventure fantasy, updating twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

Dark Omen Dawning - Science fiction/noir story, hopefully updating at least once per week.

Weirdscape - Action/science fiction that gets strange, hopefully updating at least once per week.

Webcomic Entertainment! - Behind the scenes at AFC Studios!

Nerdi-chlorians - Humorous tales about Star Wars characters working together at a large corporation.

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