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Perils of the Bold #5
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Panel #1 - I've made the faces more subtle with #5. Let me know if you prefer it this way, or the old way.

Panel #4 - If you don't get the punchline, check out the Cast page.

Script Process - In case you'd like to know how my script-writing process goes, here it is:

  1. First, I think. A lot. Trying to come up with a joke or plot advancement. This can take a long time. Days even.
  2. When I've got the script a bit solid, I put it into Word. Here's how the script for POTB #5 looked in this state:

    MC: You call this the book the Chronicles of the Devout? We're not all devout! I think Chronicles of the Sneaky sounds better.
    KG: Don't be a rock-strewn fool, Mal. Chronicles of Carnage. Now that's a title worth reading. Gets the blood flowing and the boulders rolling.
    DB: Chronicles of the Devout informs the readers as to my efforts. It is my goal to bring the solace of Samar to the populace by ridding them of evil.
    VA: Actually, if you want to attract more readers you must learn how to market your stories. You need action words in the title, words that elicit emotion, excitement, and passion. Words that draw the reader in, evoke mystery, and make them curious. A title that raises images of our perilous adventures would be most appropriate.
    MC: Wow. Are you some kind of town crier, Vayla?
    VA: Absolutely not. I would never stoop to such a vulgar profession. However, my alma mater provided well-rounded curricula, to which I availed myself with customary Elven elan.
    KG: What would you call it, then?
    VA: Hmmm…. A Perilous Destiny. Mysterious, powerful, evocative.
    KG: Bah! Ain't no such thing as destiny. I like the perils bit though.
    MC: How about Perils of the Sneaky Halfling and his Brave and Loyal Henchman?
    KG: I ain't your henchman!
    DB: How about Perils of the Bold?
    VA: Good work, Dundorious! Very good!
    MC: Not to mention totally egotistical.
    DB: How about Perils of the Grim?
    MC: I prefer Perils of the Cunningly Footed.

  3. Next I create a new Visio document and put the lines into speech balloons. The size and shape (ovals make long words at the end of a line difficult) can force changes in the script. Compare the script above to the balloon layout for POTB #5. While I'm doing the balloon layout, I'm also mentally deciding what the layout for the panel will be to synch with the balloons.
  4. Now it's on to taking the photos. I set up the scene as I pictured in the previous step and take photos, making sure to provide enough space for the balloons that I've already positioned in the blank panels. Luckily, my Sony camera is 5 megapixels, so I can take very wide shots and still have enough quality to crop them down. After taking a picture for a panel, I crop the image and paste it into Visio, repositioning, recropping, and even going back to take a new photo as needed. This step can force modifications to the speech balloons, which can force changes to the script.
  5. After all the photos are on the page, I added the faces in Visio, using ovals and Shape->Operations. And this results in the final comic.

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