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Perils of the Bold #82
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Panel #1 - I don't know about you, but I think that "pesky dandy" might be intended as an insult! Plus, it's something that Dub Taylor would've said in one of his westerns. Who's Dub Taylor? He's an actor who starred in movies from 1938 up to 1994. He got his start as Cannonball Sims/Taylor in a long string of westerns in the '40s. Later, he often played a cantankerous old coot. And that is your cinematic lesson for today.

I also think that "This panoply is replete with daunting chic." is full of poetic goodness. Panoply, by the way, is a splendid or striking array or the complete arms and armor of a warrior. So, it is quite appropriate for the green bug to use when describing his own voguish self.

Panel #3 - And where is this quote from?

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