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Perils of the Bold #90
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Contest of the Bold: There are quotes from three movies in this episode. On the Action Figure Comics forum, correctly identify one of the movies, the quote, the scene, and the character(s), and you get 10 Bold Points. You can only get a maximum of 10 Bold Points this episode, so 3 different people will receive 10 Bold Points. Don't guess on more than one quote or you'll only give someone else the points for your other guesses.

wolfchild59 correctly identified one of the movie quotes. Panel #4 has a quote from The Princess Bride: Inigo tells Fezzik to "Tear his arms off." wolfchild59 gets 10 Bold Points!

I spent some time today working with the crew to fabricate some exterior set pieces - Tree trunks and stumps. Check out the voting incentive images to see some of that work.

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