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Perils of the Bold #108
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Panel #1 - Last episode, Raik revealed that the Kwyjibo (the halberd-like weapon Maldonado used to slay two bug monsters) was cursed!

Panel #6 - Maldonado beheaded two bugs in episodes #96 and #97, Vayla blasted another bug in episode #86 with a magic missile spell, and Momo ripped the red one apart in episode #87.

Panel #7 - That's Mee Maw's decapitated head in the sand where Maldonado left it, last seen in episode #98.

December Contest of the Bold Questions for Episode #108

Question #1: What is the bright green action figure partially visible in panel #7? Get 10 Bold Points by being the first to answer correctly in the Action Figure Comics forum.

wolfchild59 gave the correct answer of the Xevoz Bone Cutter. She gets 10 Bold Points!

Question #2: The fan who can list the most filming errors in the last 108 episodes of Perils of the Bold gets 10 Bold Points. If it's a tie, the person who answers first wins. So, don't answer unless you have more than a previous answer. Filming errors do not include typos or little problems with the speech balloons. They also don't include little things like a face being a little out of position. But, things like actors wearing digital watches, stage hands in the background, wrong colored eyes, floating eyes and mouths, script mistakes, and continuity errors count. Right now, I can only think of one filming goof, but you guys could find more, I guess. I can't be that perfect. Answer in the Action Figure Comics forum.

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