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Perils of the Bold #111
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Panel #4 - Ah ha. Maldonado's father was a famous archeologist. That explains how Maldonado can read obscure runes, as he did in episoe #9. Only took 102 episodes to reveal that plot point. Sheesh.

Panel #7 - This was originally panel #9 and the only punchline in the episode. However, I came up with the second punchline, and had enough room to condense the dialog in the previous 6 panels.

Panel #8 - I originally had Maldonado's hobbit-forming punchline immediately followed by Kamik's punchline in the next panel. However, remembering Mark Twain's quote about pauses (mentioned in episode #110), I decided to add this silent panel here to denote the passage of time. And to give the joke timing a short beat before the second punchline in the last panel. I think it works better.

Panel #9 - Originally, Kamik's punchline was "I'm a dwarf, I drink, and I have six wives." But, during filming I decided to go with the maxim brevity is the soul of wit, and reduced the punchline to just "I have six wives." Sounds better, don't you think? And why did I choose to condense it down to "I have six wives" instead of the other two options? Because, it's funnier!

December Contest of the Bold Questions for Episode #111

Question #1: Another photographic webcomic has a long history of making hobbit puns, such as the one I've used in this episode. Which webcomic is it? Get 10 Bold Points by being the first to answer correctly in the Action Figure Comics forum.

Jaymon correctly answered Irregular Webcomic and gets 10 Bold Points!

Question #2:
I'm the oldest of my kind
With pretzels I'm often combined
Too much of me and you might be fined
Even more and you might be blind
I can be cold or warm
I'm enjoyed everywhere especially by Norm
Who am I?
Get 10 Bold Points by being the first to answer correctly in the Action Figure Comics forum.

2006 Musings, 2007 Plans

This episode, the eleventy-first episode (in Hobbit-speak), is the last episode of the year. 2006 was great fun working on Perils of the Bold. I've had over 100,000 visitors, gotten up to some pretty good numbers on the webcomic rating sites (#1 on Photo Web Comics*, #3 on Webbed Comics, #59 on Top Web Comics), and met some nice people in webcomics (Shin-Goji over at Twisted Kaiju Theater, cthon at NukelandCinema, Lauren at Depth-of-Field, Evan at Ask Dr. Eldritch, Scott at Dreamland Chronicles, to name a few) and in the toy industry (all the folks at the fine companies who support this comic - be sure to buy stuff from the ads they put up on my site!).

I've also managed to get enough advertising on Action Figure Comics to cover my hosting costs! Thanks to those fine folks with the ads up on the right side of this page. Go to their shops! Buy their stuff! NOW!

This comic has been lots of fun. And very expensive. Fortunately, I have the wisdom not to keep track of how much money I have spent on it. But, it does give me a chance to be creative, and an excuse to buy toys and tools and various junk.

Over the past year I've honed my photowebcomicry skills to a fair level and had a great time doing it. I have the process down pretty well, with each episode taking about 4 hours to shoot and compile (3 hours if I choose to be very disciplined about it). I think I've mastered the technical aspects of the photography, set creation, action figure customization, set decoration, face compilation, speech balloons, and so on.

For the coming year of 2007, I'd like to work on the artistic portions of those skills. Try some more impressive photography, grander sets, more detailed figure customs, and facial expressions. I've come a long way with lighting, but I'd like to do better. Unfortunately, certain physical limtations of my "studio" make it difficult. And, of course, the primary limiting factor to my creativity, time, is determined foe.

Even so, I'm looking forward to making the effort. You won't likely notice too many differences in 2007. They'll creep in from time to time. Perils of the Bold will remain a light-hearted joke-a-day type of webcomic. Eventually, there will even be a plot! But, my other endeavor will be something different.

The new impending scifi comic will be a continuous, heavily plot-driven futuristic action-adventure. The script is coming along very nicely, and I hope it remains the tight story it is now. I'm going to try new things and I'm already learning new things as I script and storyboard it. The primary thing I've learned is that it's a LOT easier to write an action-adventure episode than it is to write a humor episode. Trying to be funny in 9 panels is a chore!

So, I hope to see you all back here in 2007. Dundorious, Maldonado, Kamik, Vayla, Momo, Raik and their enemies will be back and trudging through the dungeons of Netherdoom as usual. They'll even leave it!

And, you'll get to meet a new hero on a distant moon...

Have a great New Year!

* Photo Web Comics is my site. I created it and run it. I wish I had more time make something more of it, but, alas, I do not. And I don't pad my numbers. Ask Dr. Eldritch usually gets #1, but sometime I can wrest it from his grasp if I put up several Webcomic Entertainment! episodes in a month.

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