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Perils of the Bold #127
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Comment on Episode #127.

For episode #127 I had a lot of different angles that I needed to shoot as this or that person spoke or expressed themselves. I don't have unlimited freedom to move my camera around in the limited stage area (due to backdrop scaffolding, stage size, size of the camera tripod, etc.). Usually, I move the actors around to accomodate the relatively stationary camera. However, this time I positioned all of the actors in the middle of one of my 12" tiled floor sections and then spun that floor section around when I needed a shot of the different actors. Here's a pic of it in mid spin:

Panel #1 - Originally, in episode #107, Raik said that the bugs had to be sentient. However, this elicited some conversation on the message boards about sentience vs sapience, etc. I was using sentient to indicate self-aware and intelligent higher life forms capable of linguistic communication, tool use, envy, hatred, compassion, and so on. As Raik reiterates here, the Kwyjibo does not work on lower animals or "mindless" creatures. I may go back and change sentient to sapient.

Panel #8 - The comic timing on this episode's punchline is a bit off. Something else should have happened between panels #7 and #8 to give the punchline a bit more oomph. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to come up with something. And I was a bit constrained in that there was no room to put another panel in between #7 and #8 (because I wanted to get the surprised and scared expressions in there, and it took a double size panel to get everyone's face to show up large enough). So, this episode could have been a littel bit better. I leave it as an exercize to the reader to imagine how. ;)

Other News. I went to Goodwill yesterday and scored some good toy swag to use in my comics. Got some nice toy rocks, tiles, lizards, plants, and similar stuff for PotB. Also scored a good building facade, street signs, tools, wheelbarrow, and other stuff for Dark Omen Dawning.

February Contest of the Bold Questions for Episode #127

Question #1: What is wrong with panel #4? Get 10 Bold Points answering correctly first in this Action Figure Comics forum thread.

droopy-99 correctly answered the tiles are out of orientation.

Question #2: To be posed...

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