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Perils of the Bold #17
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PotB #17 is a plot advancement episode. I had a simple joke for it, but I thought that economy of expression was more dramatic for the new character's introduction. Don't worry, I'll use the joke in another episode (along with additional jokes). Also, you get to see more of the sets in all their sylvan splendor. ;p

Panel #1 - A panoramic shot of Liberty Bell Mountain in the Northern Cascades of Washington State once again stands in for the Crags of Krakargund. I took this photo in the Summer of 2005.

Panel #2 - This shot of the entrance to the Endless Dungeons of Netherdoom is one of the many originals I took when I constructed the set. That set is long since dismantled, and it would be an impossible effort to replicate it.

The three inserts of the new Shockini character are taken using the Macro setting of my camera. I think they do a good job of introducing the character in a visually dramatic fashion.

Panel #3 - A new character! This is a customized basic Shockini action figure produced by Shocker Toys. They've got figures with 4 arms, 4 legs, pirate theme, licensed comic characters, robots, and more! They've got a new wave of figures coming out in February/March! I'll be having more Shockini characters as time goes on. I've sanded down the edges of this figure, and also chiseled his jaw a bit ;). The sword is from the Shockini Kade figure. The hair, belt buckle, and bootcuffs are all Sculpey clay additions to the action figure. The quiver (which you'll get a better look at in a future episode) is also made of Sculpey. The arrow shafts are toothpicks. The arrow fletch are Sculpey clay. The bow is electrical wire with Sculpey tips.

Panel #4 - The set is constructed of HirstArts bricks, rocks, dirt, moss, and various floral pieces from JoAnn's Craft Store.

Panel #5 - The cave entrance is from the first photoshoot back in October. I took a new photo of the Shockini character in a dark box. Then I pasted the Shockini photo, with 45% transparency, into the cave entrance. Voila! The character enters the set that was dismantled before he was even customized! Ah, the wonders of digital photography.

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