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Perils of the Bold #100
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Episode #100! Woot! It only took 1 year and 27 days. But, it's been very fun. Check out Webcomic Entertainment! #8 behind one of the vote buttons above. It's a big party picture, with the entire cast and crew. Plus, some future cast members that you haven't seen yet. And some party crashers!

Panel #1 - I've been slacking off on the shadows and lighting for quite a while. So, today I spent a good deal of time working to create more contrast in each panel through lighting. This meant deeper sets with black towels used to shade certain parts. I think the results came out pretty good. The panels definitely look deeper.

Panel #2 - Balderdash: senseless, stupid, or exaggerated talk or writing; nonsense. Of course, what most people don't know is that the etymological origin of balderdash can be traced back to the ancient Dwarven game of seven pins, wherein the player rolls a large stone at seven upright pins, trying to topple them (this is, of course, where bowling comes from). Some players tried to use large boulders in the game, which is just nonsense because boulders are far too unwieldy for dwarves to roll. Hence, boulderdash - to dash the pins with a boulder - came to mean something nonsensical and unlikely.

Panel #8 - Cry Me a River is a 1953 song written by Arthur Hamilton and recorded to varying degrees of success by dozens of performers.

Panel #9 - This one panel took the crew a very long time to set up. Two additional cavern pieces had to be fabricated from foam, basecoated, and drybrushed. Then the 11 cavern pieces were placed on and around a stack of encyclopedias. The white sand was added for beach, the blue sand for water. The plant pieces were added to cover up this or that problem with the set. And finally the cast jumped up there for a quick single shot. Quite a bit of effort for one panel. I dread taking the set down.

November Contest of the Bold Questions for Episode #100

Question #1: How many instances of one hundred, in any form, are in this episode? One guess per person. Deadline midnight (PST) Wednesday 11/22/2007. Get 10 Bold Points by guessing the closest to the correct number, in the Action Figure Comics forum.

And the fan who guessed the closest to the correct number is...jaymon! He guessed 13. The correct answer is 19.

  1. 100 in the title (Perils of the Bold #100)
  2. Panel #1: "loo"ny. loo = 100.
  3. Panel #2: "c"hopped. C is the Roman numeral for 100.
  4. Panel #4: "loo"k
  5. Panel #4: "c"an
  6. Panel #4: "hundred"
  7. Panel #4: "century". A century is one hundred.
  8. Panel #4: "c"entury
  9. Panel #5: "C"an't
  10. Panel #5: "Heck, to". Hecto is a SI prefix in the SI system of units denoting a factor of 100.
  11. Panel #5: He"c"k, to
  12. Panel #7: a"c"tually
  13. Panel #8: "c"ry
  14. Panel #9: 100 written in the water
  15. Footer: www.a"c"
  16. Footer: www.actionfigure"c"
  17. Footer: www.actionfigurecomi"c"
  18. Footer: www.actionfigurecomics."c"om
  19. Footer: "C"opyright

Question #2: What are the names of the six pirates crashing the PotB #100 celebration shown in Webcomic Entertainment! #8? Get 10 Bold Points by answering correctly first in the Action Figure Comics forum.

Once again, bigcountry23 gets the correct answer. bigcountry23 seems to know a lot about toys and action figures.

The six pirates are:

  • From Mezco Toyz, Pirate Mez-itz line
  • Captain Garrot
  • Fish-Eye Jim
  • Po Gye
  • Scabby Joe (exclusive figure)
  • From Zizzle's Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest toy line
  • Davey Jones
  • Will Turner (from the pack with the Cannibal Bone Cage Trap

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