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Perils of the Bold #150
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Comment on Episode #150.


Panel #1 - Grill: 1. to broil on a gridiron or other apparatus over or before a fire. 2. to subject to severe and persistent cross-examination or questioning

Panel #2 - Friar: a member of a religious order
Fryer: something, such as a young chicken, to be cooked by frying
Abbot: a man who is the head or superior, usually elected, of a monastery
About: near; close to
Pastor: a minister or priest in charge of a church
Pasteurize: to expose (a food, as milk, cheese, yogurt, beer, or wine) to an elevated temperature for a period of time sufficient to destroy certain microorganisms, as those that can produce disease or cause spoilage or undesirable fermentation of food, without radically altering taste or quality.
Minister: a person authorized to conduct religious worship
Administer: give or apply

Panel #3 - Coddle: 1. to cook (eggs, fruit, etc.) in water that is just below the boiling point; cook gently. 2. To pamper
Curry: 1. to cook or flavor (food) with curry powder or a similar combination of spices. 2. to seek to advance oneself through flattery or fawning

Panel #4 - Grub: food
Grubby: dirty; slovenly
Gritty: consisting of, containing, or resembling grit; sandy
Grit: 1. abrasive particles or granules, as of sand. 2. firmness of character; indomitable spirit; pluck
Grits: A ground, usually white meal of dried and hulled corn kernels that is boiled and served as a breakfast food or side dish.
Chuck: 1. to toss; throw with a quick motion, usually a short distance. 2. food; provisions

Panel #5 - Fresh: 1. not stale or spoiled. 2. forward or presumptuous.
Saucy: 1. impertinent; insolent. 2. with lots of sauce
Braise: to cook (meat, fish, or vegetables) by sautéeing in fat and then simmering slowly in very little liquid.
Brazen: shameless or impudent

Panel #6 - Ah, yes, the Bistro Claude-René. What the heck is it doing in the dungeons of Netherdoom? Tune in next time to find out.

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