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Perils of the Bold #115
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Another fine advertiser joins the suppor of Action Figure Comics! Please welcome Octane Toys! Go check out his store for Shockini, Stikfas, Street Fighter, Transformers, and more!

Panel #1 - Remember from episode #3 that Vayla, Dundorious, Maldonado, and Kamik delved into the Endless Dungeons of Netherdeep to slay vile monsters and reap golden hoards. Unfortunately, round about episode #15 they were captured by the Fiend Both Furious and Foul, the savage pet of Kreex, the All-Powerful Kobold Arch-Sorcerer of Doom! Interminably confined (episodes #24, 25, 27 - 33, 37 - 44, 48 - 59) in the Prison Chamber of Thaumaturgic Vicissitudes, and gloated over by Kreex (who planned to have them for dinner), our heroes finally managed to escape by working together (episodes 48 - 52) and freeing the half-orc barbarian Momo. However, they had been despoiled of all their equipment, and plunged into the dark tunnels of the deeps with naught but their wits and fists to aid them. Martial victory (episodes #85 - 99) over of a pack of giant bug creatures, and the rescue of Raik Tannen (a ranger who was in Netherdoom for his own mysterious reasons), has finally led our stalward band of adventures to this bug nest and the treasure within.

Raik looks all clean and spiffy and new, doesn't he? Apparently, that potion of healing was also a potion of kemptness. Actually, while scraping off the melted red Crayola crayon blood from his wounds I also scraped off a bunch of paint. Therefore, I had to repaint. Hence, the spiffyness.

Momo's joke, for those of you not paying attention, has to do with the fact that Raik had a broken arm, and it was recently healed. Hence, he is rearmed.

Maldonado's Kwyjibo was taken from the dead bugs the party slew.

Panel #8 - A francesca/francisca is an axe that was used by the Merovingian and Carolingian Franks between the 5th and 8th centuries. So, if you know someone named Francesca, she is, actually, an old battle axe. ;) Of course, Dwarves would thus name many of their daughters Francesca. And, in case you didn't know, France is named for the weapon. Apparently, 1700 years ago the French were famed for being a bunch of conquering, courageous, intimidating, axe-wielding super-warriors. Go figure.

January Contest of the Bold Questions for Episode #115

Question #1: Name one famous 21st-century conquering, courageous, intimidating French super-warrior. Get 10 Bold Points by being the first to answer correctly in the Action Figure Comics forum.

Question #2:
Born in the land of Vikings
I can help you see through things
My gifts to you are air and light
Like I said, I improve your sight
Who am I?
You can guess fractions of an inch. Get 10 Bold Points by guessing closest in the Action Figure Comics forum.

droopy-99 correctly answered "window" and gets 10 Bold Points!

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