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Cast of Characters

Dundorious Bold
dundorious01.gif Human priest of Samar
A young and newly ordained priest of Samar, Dundorious Bold has lofty goals - vanquishing evil, converting the unbelieving, and keeping a chronicle of his grand accomplishments that will inspire the downtrodden for generations. Rumors of terrible monsters mere leagues from helpless villagers prompted him to assemble a masterful group of aspiring heroes to face the peril and thwart the evil.
Maldonado Cunningfoot
Maldonado Cunningfoot Halfling thief
Struck at an early age with the Halfling affliction known as sticky fingers, Maldonado left his home town (and his 14 bothers and sisters) to find redemption/treasure where the local constabulary doesn't know him.
Kamik Grimaxe
Kamik Grimaxe Dwarf warrior
Dwarves like ale and gold. Kamik isn't so picky. He likes alcohol and treasure. And hacking things with his axe. Especially orcs and goblins. Into mincemeat.
Vayla Amaranthiel
Vayla Amaranthiel Elf mage
A beautiful Elf intent on expanding her knowledge of the arcane, Vayla constantly suffers the unwanted attention of oafish villagers, brutish nobles, leering guardsmen, drunken Dwarves, and sneaky halflings.
Half-orc barbarian
Rescued by the heroes from the Prison Chamber of Thaumaturgic Vicissitude, Momo is a towering bastion of might and resilience. Mostly, he enjoys smashing things, but also finds pleasure in other forms of physical violence. He is not an orc. He is a half-orc.
Raik Tannen
The Stranger Human ranger
A friend of Momo who followed Dundorious and his companions into the Endless Dungeons of Netherdeep. His origins and goals are unknown...
Kreex the Almight Kobold Sorcerer of Doom Kobold Arch-Sorcerer of Doom
Likes: Solitude, sorcery, vengeance, pinkberries.
Dislikes: Intruders, heroes, puns.
Mee Maw and the Bugs
Mee Maw and the Bugs Giant Bugs

Mee Maw was a huge mantis mutation dwelling under the Crags of Krakargund, in the Endless Dungeons of Netherdeep, somewhere near the lair of Kreex, along with a number of other sentient bug creatures including the three pictured here. All four were slain by Dundorious Bold and his companions. Exactly how many more bugs infest the tunnels is unknown.

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These Stikfas action figures were customized and donated to Perils of the Bold by Larry Greyczik. Thanks, Larry!

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